Monday, 20 February 2012

The Christening of Isaac Mark

Today we were present at the Christening of Issac Mark Stephenson. Anna and Sam have been such close friends of ours for a long while now, and we had been so looking forward to Isaacs special day. Mr Bee was especially excited for the party afterwards, probably because there would be cake and balloons!
Our Gift, I hope they like it! Star themed to match the day

We offered to help out with anything they needed, Anna said she needed a cheese based food for the buffet, so Mr Bee and I rustled up some tasty cheese twists. He really is so good at helping when it comes to baking. Maybe he will be a p├ítisser when he is grown?
Isaac and Daddy in the church
Mr Bee met his friend Amy for the second time at the Christening. Amy's Mummy, Katie is Anna's best friend who she met at University. Katie, Dan, Amy and Baby Roberta live in Lincoln so we only really see them when there is a party on (see Anna's Baby Shower) however I hope that this changes.
Amy and Louie got on so well, they played so nicely together and were totally inseparable!

We saw Nade, Paul and Evangeline, but sadly no Emmanuel as they were jetting off to America after the service and didn't want to tire him out too much, perfectly understandable if you ask me!

Issac and his Godparents

Best dress on!
We headed over to the party venue for a beautiful buffet and a good natter with all the family. The room was just right, cosy but not too small! Mr Bee and Amy were again, inseparable. Papa Bee really did make a friend, as Amy wanted to sit on his knee most of the afternoon!!

How cute!

Funny Faces!

Alex and Bobbi
Thank you so much Anna and Sam, for letting us be a part of Isaacs special day :) I hope you like the photos and I am sorry that I didn't take more!

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Aqeela said...

Wow, beautiful dress! Its gorgeous, where is it from? xx

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