Friday, 4 February 2011


Meet 'Dolly'. Louie's rather special birthday present from me! It was a big secret kept from everyone, that I was having a beautiful dolly hand made especially for him.
When he opened the beautifully scented package, he smiled straight away and gave Dolly a kiss and a cuddle.
Louie quickly learned who Dolly was, and if you ask him where Dolly is, he will go and get it for you. I say it as it is supposed to be a gender neutral doll, intended for Louie to make his mind up when he is old enough.

Louie likes to rock Dolly in the little swing made from a colour of the rainbow, and will often be seen dragging Dolly around with him or snuggling Dolly for a snooze!

Get your own 'Dolly' here at

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