Saturday, 23 January 2016

Louie's Lego Party

Today we celebrated Louie turning 6 with a few of his closest school friends. Louie had decided many many months ago that he wanted to have a Lego party with his friends, all he wanted to do was to play Lego!! We decided to have the party at Nana's so that there was a bit more space for the littles to spread out and enjoy themselves, and a little more space for us adults too!

Whilst all the kids were playing and the adults were happy with their cups of tea (and/or beer!) I was stationed in the kitchen making pizza from scratch! We decided as it was a tea time party to ditch the traditional party food and make pizzas for the kids instead.

There was pizza, jelly and ice cream and then a little bit more playing before it was time to bring out the amazing Lego cake made by my amazingly talented sister.

Louie had a wonderful time, doing exactly as he wanted, so a big big thank you to everyone who came along :)

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