Saturday, 28 November 2015

Packwood +2

I can't believe it has been two whole years since Packwood opened its new visitors facilities. Packwood was a little favourite for us even when there was a tiny gift shop with a vending machine and portacabin toilets! We are quite easy to please! But when they opened their literally AMAZING visitors centre in 2013, our visits to Packwood increased. In the first week of its opening, we visited twice :o !

Louie and I feel so at home at this gorgeous place, the staff are always friendly and go the extra mile for you. One time, they even baked me my own birthday cake! (Chocolate and raspberry, it was delicious!) 
But this time, we visited with Anna, Isaac and Alistair as we needed to evacuate our house! Surprise decorating was on Pappy's to do list ;)

So, the story began when Pappy told us to go out early. We arranged to meet the Stephenson's at 10:30 but we were out the house at 8:55. Someone forgot the boot socks. After a quick hop in to a random kids clothes shop in the local village of Knowle, fluffy socks were purchased (with a 30% discount, score!) and the day was well and truly saved. Fluffy socks were very needed!

We started our day with coffee and flapjack, snuggled on wingbacks in front of the fire reading books. I mean, what more could you ask for?

Next on the bill was a wander around the Kitchen Garden.  Kiddo's played in the Pottering Shed, Mama's took photos. It was a little slice of heaven.

After a quick pit stop, we found our way to the meeting room and spent a long time making paper chains. Louie's grew rather speedily and we met a gorgeous little boy who liked to stick the papers to his chin to make a beard, that child was a legend!

Then it was time for lunch. As usual, someone wanted to sit on their own and he was a little star. After he finished eating, colouring ensued, including high levels of concentration with the Storer tongue, well and truly out.

Of course its not a real visit to Packwood without getting covered in mud and of course, the welly walk didn't disappoint (though it wasn't as muddy as it has been previously, no wellies were harmed in the making of this blog...). The rain came down and we learnt the hard way that stick dens don't really provide much cover and Louie and I fell in love with a rope swing which provided everyone with some wholesome entertainment!

We worked up quite a thirst which deserved hot chocolates all around, spot on.

Now someone had such a good time, that they may have protested so much all the way home, that we may have to visit again tomorrow... we shall have to see!

Thanks again Packwood, you were great, thanks for being awesome!

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