Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wednesday at Wimpole

 Before the end of last term, I promised Mr Bee that we would have some Wednesday adventures and though we started off abit dodgy, we have had a consecutive good Wednesday road trip! I knew Wimpole would be a good choice as we were spoilt for things to do. A beautiful house, a wonderful walled garden and the super Home Farm kept us entertained aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall day. However it was far too much for my camera, which decided to run out of battery half way through our day. That will teach me...!

But we did manage to snap some of the fun we had, though I must admit, we had a lovely relaxing time chatting away! I can't wait to visit again, with a spare battery!

1 comment:

smallholdingsister said...

It looks like a fun day out. Beautiful photos.
All the best
smallholdingsister x

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