Monday, 26 January 2015

Places to Visit 2015

Last year, my places to visit list expanded our National Trust radar out of an hours drive. We had one hell of a year visiting so many beautiful places and I can't wait to have another jam packed year, well as much as possible that we can fit around the school schedule!!

Shugborough Estate, Staffordshire

One from last years list that looks right up my street. The best of both, a fantastic looking house with plenty of gardens to explore and even a farm for Pappy and Mr Bee to enjoy!

Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire

We are already plotting a little weekend away to visit this splendid castle and a trip to see the sea. Mr Bee will be fascinated to visit a real, proper castle!

Ickworth, Suffolk

Our little family are heading over to the East Coast for our summer holiday this year. Somewhere new, which means lots more National Trust places to visit.

Barrington Court, Somerset

One of the locations used in the TV series, Wolf Hall this will satisfy my love of history, architecture and landscaping! It may provide a good little 'stop off' on our way down to the south coast for another little trip.

Dovedale, Derbyshire

Now my body has decided to work half normally again, hiking has become a lovely passtime for our little family. We have been dreaming for years about hitting the Peak District with a picnic for a good old ramble, hopefully we will find time this year!

Dunham Massey, Cheshire

I am always trying to find places to stop off on the way up to Lancashire, or to visit whilst we are up there! And Dunham Massey, a First World War hospital is just to interesting to miss :)

Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire

As above, another little house that we could visit on one of our journeys. I have always loved the Tudors and their architecture so this one will definitely be a winner!

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Eleanor Holmes said...

We visit National Trust places regularly with our membership. Tattershall is quite close for us and is a lovely day out, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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