Saturday, 24 January 2015


Today, our baby boy turned 5. FIVE!
Goodness me, where has the time gone. Now we have a big boy, with a big heart, at a big school, doing big things! To celebrate his special day, we treated Louie and some of his best friends to a day at Twin Lakes, a local little theme park.

We visited last year on his birthday and had such a wonderful time, however he was the only little one with all of us adults. So we thought it would be EVEN BETTER with a group of his little maties.

So off we went, Rudy, Pearl, Kyran and Louie - the little clan of besties. They had such an amazing time riding the rollercoasters and chasing around in the indoor play areas. Though us Mums and Dads had just as much fun playing in the soft plays, the death slides were a hoot!

What is a party without party food? Nana and I put on a spread for everyone, including a chocolate Malteaser birthday cake.

The sun went down on such a beautiful day, with beautiful people celebrating our beautiful boy.

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