Saturday, 3 January 2015


With only a few days before we are back to work and school, I wanted to spoil Mr Bee with a little trip out for some fun and fresh air. I didn't think to check the weather forcast but the outcome of heavy rain didn't prevent us from having a truly tip top day out. We bundled Nana and Grandad into our little car and battled through the torrents of rain along the few motorways and winding country roads. Once we arrived, we made a bee line for the house for some shelter. We were welcomed warmly (literally, all of the heaters were on!) and we made our way around the downstairs of the house. It was so beautifully decorated for Christmas, but with the rain being so terribly heavy, I decided to leave my camera in the car unfortunately. After a swift lunch we introduced our guests to the welly walk which Louie took great pleasure in leading us around. We laughed, played games and got magnificently muddy. It was a superb outing and eventually the rain eased off, allowing us to have a personal guided tour of the yew gardens (we are definitely clued up on yews now!).
Each of us now are planning what to do for our next visits, as there will be many. That is one thing I can be sure of!

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