Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Home from Home

Last weekend we spent some time visiting Dan's family up in Lancashire. It was a long, 4 hour drive which played havoc with my poor old legs. When we finally arrived, we visited a new local restaurant for some yummy grub which we stuffed ourselves silly with.

In the morning, I was relieved of my motherly duties and I had a little solo shopping trip. A whole hour to myself and it was absolutely lovely. After a visit to the Grandparents, we went to the annual family fireworks night. Cow pie, Lindisfarne mead and Lemon Meringue Pie accompanied the pyrotechnic show for the kiddies. 

Sunday, we drove through the Lancashire countryside and oh what a beautiful morning it was! A breakfast at our favourite farm shop and cafe, Roaming Roosters with Grandma Julie and Dave. We picked up lots of goodies from the shop, a steak stir fry (which was absolutely delicious) and some shin beef to recreate our wedding meal!

It has been one hell of a weekend and a very, very busy start to the week!

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