Sunday, 9 March 2014


 This weekend was the North West derby, Burnley v Blackburn. Pappy took Mr Bee with him up and graciously offered me a weekend of rest. I made so many plans for the weekend that was set to be the nicest of the year. A trip to Sunnycroft near Telford followed by a day of baking and cooking a delicious dinner without any distractions.
Saturday started off beautifully. A lie in, a breakfast of a delicious smoothie (see above) and a cup of fresh coffee. The weather was a little gloomy looking so I decided to spend the day baking and venture out on Sunday. I baked some beautiful vanilla and raspberry whoopie pies, to my own recipe. After admiring my handiwork, I sat down with a fresh cup of green tea.
That is when disaster happened. I managed to spill a full cup of fresh tea all over myself causing a terrible scald. I darted into the cool shower and rang mother hen, a nurse who happens to specialise in burns. When she arrived home from the shops half an hour later I was in shock, shaking terribly and she decided I needed to go in to hospital. Luckily we weren't there long, we ran into one of the registrars who took a look at my leg (of which most of my thigh was burned) and cleaned me up and sent me home with an appointment for Monday.

So my sunny Sunday was spent here. With the door open to let in the sun and fresh air of the 18 degrees outside. Playing away with photoshop to my hearts content, working on some new projects, hobbling around and trying to keep he pain at bay whilst I wait for my boys to return home.
I do feel like a silly sausage, having had such an embarrassing accident which looks like it could take a little while to heal! Although a day of rest, watching Dr Who and cookery programmes has been a lovely change!

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