Tuesday, 24 December 2013

With Christmas fast approaching and my terrible legs being all sore, I do apologise that my posts have been few and far between.
I have been off work all week and we have still been busy busy busy. This past week we have had afternoon baths, played with the playmobile for hours and hours and hours on end, Louie had his first Christmas play (in which he refused to participate...). Dan and I had a trip to Nottingham for his work Christmas Party, we had a fantastic evening and a lovely stay followed by a morning shopping. And then of course, Anna, Isaac and Alistair spent the day with us and we made biscuits that turned out horribly! But now we are about ready for Christmas Day to arrive.
A festive brioche loaf is proving, soup is bubbling away on the stove and the boys are playing in the loft with all of the old toys.
Merry Christmas dear readers :)

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