Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Louie in 2013

Playing with our Christmas gifts and baking cakes, I will never forget that little face, baking first thing in the morning.

 We will never let you forget the time you flung your armbands off and jumped in the pool with Becka and I at the other end... twice!

Showing off your new coat. You ate half of the bread for the ducks!

That day we did three museums in one day. 

We blew dandelions and did so much colouring that warm day at the meadow.

Strawberry picking. You won the record for biggest strawberry, for about 10 minutes!

Graduating with honours. Could I be any more proud of you three beauties?

One of the many days at Calke with our closest friends. You pair stole all of the bricks for your construction site. We had the loveliest ice cream too.

The nicest day of our Cornwall holiday. It was 'sort of' warm and we played in the water for hours.

I won't forget one of the highlights of 2013, our trip to Anglesea Abbey. The day I didn't get lost despite a road closure and traveling through several counties, just you and me. You were miserable all day but we had a lovely time regardless. 

One of our new favourite places, Packwood House. I love your newest hobby of photography. 

I love when your hair grows long. You look like our little Lion. 

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