Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Weekend

The weekend begun with a party. Our precious little Sophie-Mae turned two on Friday, and we played host to all of her family for a little girly party. My personal favourite part of the whole day was spending the whole evening with her little sister, Chloe-Lea. I had the pleasure of giving her Mummy a little break which was just lovely!
Saturday was pure leisure. Papa had an open day at Uni so wasn't home for most of the day. Mr Bee and I had a rare lazy day, staying in our PJs longer than usual, spending our afternoon in the kitchen and watching films.

Mothers Day brought along the Bastille CD I have been lusting after for so long, even though it was only released this week! We hurried out for a special breakfast with Nana at Patisserie Valerie, Eggs Benedict x3 and a toasted brioche for the littleun. A little wander later and a new chubby stick courtesy of the Mr, and a new perfume picked out we headed home. Louie fancied a snuggle and a film which was just perfect for a snowy day in the warm.

Whilst Pappy cooked up a fantastic three course Mothers Day meal for us, Mr Bee painted me a beautiful picture and covered it in sparkly sequins and glitter. He wanted it to say ' Happy Mothers Day ' so I helped him with the dots and he patiently joined them all up.

Between courses he created some little masterpieces on his chalk board. The first is a slide (see the ladder and the sheer drop!) and the second a bumble bee, drawn all of his own steam with exception of the little wings.
Then for an evening of chocolate goodies, sparkling wine and a film I have been wanting to see for years!

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