Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Recogonise the little hare? If you know me well, then I am sure that you do!  
Joules have been a favourite in our household for as long as I can remember, from my horse riding days of wearing Joules polos (of which I still have a vast collection!) to my day in day out Joules wellies. So when we were contacted by them, I knew we had to be involved! We were asked to choose an item from the Joules range, but being a Joulesaholic, I decided the best idea was to go for something that we haven’t had before – the  Junior Milford Quilted Jacket.

With this cold, wintery weather not giving us any respite, a nice warm coat seemed like a sensible option, as I am sure it will get its use! The age 4 jacket has plenty of room without looking too big on our little bee. Nicely padded with a lovely and soft tartan lining, it is very comfortable and great quality.

Now down to the important bit!

Louie’s Thoughts

Mummy:  Do you like your coat Louie?
Louie: Yes, it is very nice.
Mummy: Did it keep you warm?
Louie: Yes, toasty!
Mummy: What is your favourite thing about the coat?
Louie: *points to the elbow patches* These bits here.


hannah said...

Gorgeous coat, Heidi! Louie looks as stylish as ever :) xx

Heidi @ Louie's Mummy said...

Thanks Hannah! He has pretty good taste I reckon!

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