Wednesday, 7 November 2012


We spent most of our day at home, only popping out for extra supplies. We made salt dough christmas decorations ready for our Christmas Hampers that Papa and I are planning to send out this year. In a very grown up fashion, Mr Bee did most of the hard work on his own.

Only one cup flour, to half cup salt and half cup water, then a splash of olive oil to make the dough. Rolling it out was fun, but not as much as stamping the stars out with cookie cutters. Mr Bee poked perfect holes in each one and instructed me to decorate the edges with tiny dots. They were hardened in minutes with the help of the microwave.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed chocolate raspberry muffins, by request of the little bee no less! 

Whilst we were running errands, we came across a Royal British Legion stand, so Mr Bee went to talk to the gentleman, who showed him his shiny medals. He was very proud to wear his first poppy.

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hannah said...

I love the look of concentration on Louie's face! Beautiful gold stars too :) will definitely have to try out the salt dough recipe - never realised it was so simple, haven't played with salt dough since I was a kid :) x

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