Tuesday, 13 November 2012

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt

At request of the small, buzzy one, we took a walk through our favourite woods. Autumn never fails to astound me with its beauty.
As we walked, we collected fallen leaves. Big ones, little ones, brown ones, yellow ones.
We sang, we jumped, we got muddy, we laughed.
He has the best ideas.

We came home to make collages with our leaves, checking the species in our Tree book. Glitter added that finishing touch.

I hope to hang them on his wall whilst he sleeps, he will love the surprise when he wakes in the morning.


Aqeela said...

We did the same thing today! We collected the leaves last week, pressed them for a few days, and today we glued them onto paper and made a paper chain. Tomorrow while zakareeya is at school il be using sticky backed plastic on the other side of the leaves, cutting them out and attaching them to the paper chain to hang as a suprise for when he comes home! Its a bit late in the season but we got there eventually!
Aqeela xx

hannah said...

Oh Heidi, what a lovely day you two had :) I love your leaf collages, and I bet Louie will be delighted when he wakes up to see them! x

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