Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunday at Stoneywell

On our way to Bradgate Park last night, we drove past Stoneywell, which Mr Bee spotted straight away. He asked a few times whilst we were out if we could visit tomorrow, so when we got home I booked us a parking space for first thing in the morning.

 This little dude followed up around ALL DAY. No word of a lie!

The first stop on our adventure was of course, the Fort. Mr Bee was quite happy in his 'new house', with a 'stove' and a 'garden' however he was quite put out that the roof was not up to his standards. Then we went for a little wander around to kill some time before heading off to lunch.

 (I love this view, all of the angles are so quirky, Mr Gimson, you were one hell of a house designer!)

A Crafters Lunch. Cheese scones, pickle, extra cheese and tea for two. Devoured.

 (A bit more climbing...)

I think the bee was the only child visiting today which meant that he not only had free roam of the Fort but also unlimited swings on the swing in the tree. I think King Louie ( the king of the swingers of course ) spent a good hour playing on the swing whilst I relaxed on a bench nearby. He is getting so good at this swinging lark!

Then we hurried home ready to greet Pappy home from his trip to Burnley. What a gorgeous way to spend a Sunday.

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