Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Photo an Hour

 8am - Pretty Skies

 9am - Playing in his tent

 10am - Birthday card making

 11am - Placecards for Christmas day

 12pm - A drive through the countryside

 1pm - Playing with the tractors

 2pm - Trampolines

 3pm - Playing in the sandpit

 4pm - Finishing the homemade Marshmallows

 5pm - A cosy sofa for a needed sit down!

 6pm - A well deserved treat for dinner...

7pm - Shortbread stars

The first Photo an Hour in our new home, even though I promised to do one of these in September! How time flies when you are having fun.
Today we finished off some Christmas bits and pieces and spent the afternoon at our local farm park. Now, we are ready to spend some time relaxing!

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