Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bank Holiday Weekend

This Easter, it turned out that both Dan and I were off Friday through to Tuesday. What luck! So beating the holiday hoards, we did our visiting the day everyone went back to work. The morning was spent at Wightwick Manor and then we picked up our wedding rings on the way to our final consultation with our wedding planners in the evening. 

Arriving at gone half past 3 was nice, it let us see how busy Calke would be on a half term week (like the day that we will be married) and it was still as peaceful and beautiful as our quiet midweek day trips. We had a short walk around the gardens before we dashed back to the restaurant for our tasting. I went to the bird hide (again) whilst we waited and the boys played on the park.

1 comment:

Anna Stephenson said...

I see the purple camera top now! is it gap??

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