Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Taking it Slow

Sorry that we have been a bit absent recently. We have been spending lots of time playing train sets, learning to read and count and lots (and I mean lots) of baking.
This week we have had crazy thunderstorms turning the whole sky yellow, mild walks around the countryside and night time walks for hot chocolates all round. We have baked batch upon batch of shortbread, thrown together ham and mushroom muffins from left overs and baked so many loaves of bread, ending with an utterly perfect cottage loaf which was just delicious.
It has been pretty glorious really!

1 comment:

hannah said...

Heidi I am envious of your baking skills! That shortbread looks absolutely delicious!! I love the conker photo too, I'm yet to go on a conker hunt and keep having fears I'm going to be too late! xx

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