Saturday, 27 July 2013


We woke this morning and Dan decided that he fancied going to RAF Cosford to see the planes for the day. After picking up some goodies for tea from our local Farmers Market, we made the 65 mile trip to the museum near Telford. 

Our tummies were telling us that it was nearly lunch time. Dan wanted to eat up and head home, but I suggested getting lunch on the way home, via a National Trust property, so that our day wasn't wasted. We drove up some beautiful, yet very narrow country lanes to Moseley Old Hall, a beautiful 16th century farmhouse which was used to hide King Charles II when he fled Oliver Cromwell after the Battle of Worcester.

We enjoyed a sweet little picnic in the orchard surrounded by lavender, bumble bees and butterflies. It was such a peaceful way to spend the afternoon. We walked around the beautiful gardens and woodland and learned so much inside the house. The kitchen was fully stocked as they had just provided a banquet in full 17th Century style for its historians who were in full get up for the day. We chatted with a magistrate and a gentleman about coins and books for a good while.

Louie and I had a go in the stocks! 

And to end a perfect day, Louie won a competition in the shop, being the first to find a miniature Charles II in his little house, and I was treated to this beautiful book!
Yet another, perfect day.

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