Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Burleigh and Becka

 Yesterday we ventured over to Stamford to meet Becka and her Mum for a day out at Burleigh House, a stately home and garden that I have been itching to visit for so many years. Wanting a pleasant surprise, I chose not to research what to expect and my was that the wrong thing! The Garden of Surprises was a huge surprise! With so many water fountains and features to play in, we were completely unprepared. With all of the other children in proper swimwear get up, Louie ran around happily in his pants and had an incredible amount of fun keeping cool from the incredulous heat.

After a delicious lunch, we nipped back to Becka's to sit in the shade of their garden with a refreshing jug of iced tea. Louie played with the dogs all afternoon until I had to tear him away well after bedtime.
Such a pleasant drive home and we were back in our beds, snoring ready for another early morning.

We went to wish Becka well for her graduation down at the Curve theatre in the middle of town. Of course we had to show her just how proud of her we are! 

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