Thursday, 2 May 2013


Such a peaceful morning. Waking up so early, making breakfast with the little bee before heading off for his very first proper horse ride.
Louie and Rainbow had a lovely walk out, around Gorse Hill Country Park. Of course Louie adored it, spotting Old John in the not so far distance.  

The sun shone so brightly, so we headed to the park on Pappy's bike. Mr Bee played so happily on the park so I lay in the sunshine for 5 minutes peace. Disaster struck on the way home when Louie, somehow, got his foot stuck in the wheel of the bike. Properly stuck.
With his foot bent completely upside down, I panicked and called the emergency services (as I was on my own!). The ambulance lady came and called the Fire Brigade to come and cut Louie out of the bike.  So brave, Louie barely protested, let alone cried. An hour later we were on our way to the hospital in an ambulance, going for some x-rays. A few hours later we were given the all clear and allowed home. No broken bones, just a bad twist and a patch of missing skin and some bruises.


hannah said...

Oh bless Louie being so brave, I'm glad he's okay! I wouldn't have known what to do! xx

RobbinTheHood Vintage said...

awe, tough lil guy :) glad to hear he's ok!

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