Wednesday, 15 May 2013

{This Week}

What a busy week.
Secret job interviews, assignments and revision, helping finish very important shoes, photographing Final Major Project pieces, keeping busy and out of the way, putting the camera on the shelf for a little while, introducing Anna and Isaac to Swithland Wood, baking a whopper of a summer fruits cheesecake, planning for decorating our bedroom (finally!) and receiving wonderful news - he got the job!! 


hannah said...

I'm guessing it is Dan who has the new job, if so, congratulations!! I really, really love your flower photographs Heidi, the focus is so perfectly on the flowers - they're just beautiful! As are those gorgeous shoes xx

Anna Stephenson said...

I can see why they like the photograph style for their catalogue lay out. They clearly show the the shoe and make them look so pretty!

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