Sunday, 8 May 2016

Stephmont Picnic '16

The 4th annual Stephenson/McClymont picnic took us into the Cotswolds to the very beautiful Snowshill Manor. We begun our day with a kickabout in front of this gorgeous countryside view. The boys were desperate to dig in to the picnic so they had a quick play with the cars whilst we got all straight.

As usual, Anna and I presented quite a spread. There was yummy quiche, crudites, pain de savoie, antipasti, sausage rolls and cheese straws, but to name a few!

However, everyone knows that pudding is the best bit, and what is a picnic without melty rocky road?

We hung around the orchard whilst the men took the picnic stuff back to the cars. We found gorgeous blossoms on the apple trees and took in the gorgeous view just a little longer!

We made the 15 minute walk up to the manor, playing hide and seek along the way. I admired forget-me-nots and bluebells whilst I tried to keep up with others.

The house. The boys had a fantastic time completing the trail, the lady at the door let them have a go with the embossing press.

We ventured back into the sunshine. Ahhh. Bliss!

We spent a good amount of time rolling down a steep hill, even Pappy got involved! They all had enormous fun and worked up quite an appetite for ice cream.

We had another good stroll and explore around the garden and then made the walk back to the cafe for a well deserved sit down in the nice cool shade with an ice lolly! And so ended our annual Stephmont picnic, where will we go next year?

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