Saturday, 30 April 2016

Road Trippin'

 Bank Holiday Weekend.

The North beckoned Pappy home to see his friends for a few days, leaving the bee and I to get up to no good! The BBC Weather app promised a sunny day, mild, with maybe a light shower in the afternoon, so naturally I thought 'that's not worth staying in for' so I dug out the NT book in search of a new property to visit.

We chose Sunnycroft. A gorgeous Victorian Villa in Wellington. There was plenty to keep both of us entertained, lawn games for the bee - croquet, quoits, skittles and badminton, and plenty of photo opportunities for me! We had a wonderful wander around the house and made some lovely new friends. I would definitely say, hand on my heart, Sunnycroft have the nicest and friendliest staff around! And then it was lunchtime, to the tearoom!

We shared delicious cheese sandwiches and finished up with a clotted cream tea, all of which was utterly beautiful!

After we were both fed and watered, we did some more playing on the lawn and then had a good old explore in the garden. Louie is getting rather good at finding old logs to climb, it is a sport that he is taking rather seriously!

So remember earlier I mentioned that the BBC Weather app promised nice-ish weather? Well just look at that sky!
We left Sunnycroft and had a beautiful drive through some of Shropshire's beautiful scenery (here you can see for miles, Louie thought he could see the entire world!) towards another NT property, this time we visited Benthall Hall.

When we arrived, we had to make a mad dash from the car to the house to shelter from the rain. I have never been so happy to find my waterproof jacket in the boot of my car, I tell you that now! Louie was very pleased with the quality of the quiz provided in this house, very in depth indeed and he was rewarded with a postcard which is now displayed in his bedroom. When we had finished inside the house, it was still grey and gloomy, but after about 10 minutes, Mr Sunshine decided to show his face - what a turnaround!

And so resumes the programme of bee photographs....

And this was the beautiful view from our car just as we were leaving. A mere 10 minutes later, on our journey home, came the most violent hail storm I have ever witnessed! It was so noisy that Louie and I were shouting at the top of our voices and could barely make out what the other was saying. Incredible weather, especially for the last day of April!!

Bad weather aside, I think it is fair to say that we made the most of our Mama Bee and Baby Bee day together, enjoying lots of different things!

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