Saturday, 19 March 2016

Calke Gardens

 Whilst Pappy spent the day fixing an Astra (not his, phew!), the bee and I had a lovely and relaxing day. A morning spent laying in and playing train set followed by an afternoon stroll around the gardens at Calke. It was such a dull, grey day, but we saw a surprising amount of colour throughout the gardens!
(Louie's coat not included!)

This is Louie's meerkat impression. He is convinced that the fern house used to house meerkats, I have no idea where he got that from, any suggestions welcome!!

How beautiful is this nectarine tree housed in the Orangery? I wanted to take it and its beautiful pink blossoms home with me! What a stunning little tree!

 Mr Bee insisted on having this photo taken so that we can compare it with one taken two or three years ago, I must dig that one out!

Hopefully it will warm up a little bit more so that we can have lots of adventures and find lots and lots more colour!

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