Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hidcote Manor Gardens

With 16 days to go until Dan and I tie the knot, Louie and I made an escape for some peace and quiet. We went on a little drive into the Cotswolds, enjoying the beautiful countryside before arriving at Hidcote gardens in Gloucestershire.

Upon arrival, we were given a gorgeous activity book to complete throughout the day. We really wished we had brought the colouring pencils, but we made do with the drawing pencil we found at the bottom of my bag. If anything, it kept Louie occupied when I needed have a rest. 

After a good explore of the tiny cobbled pathways and vast 'rooms' in the garden, we made our way to the restaurant for lunch. Mr Bee was slightly disappointed that there were no lunch bags available but I enjoyed a beautiful chicken sandwich with lemon mayonnaise. After another explore, (yes, I think we managed to romp the whole 10 acres) we came back for tea and lemon drizzle cake, which was absolutely delicious, I could eat it again!

We had a great time playing croquet on the lawn and then tennis on the courts. It was a beautiful day to spend outside in the peace and quiet!

Louie spent ages looking for newts in the pond and wasn't too lucky, but he was pleased to see plenty of pond skaters.

The peace, quiet and fresh air did us both the world of good. Louie's cold seems to have cleared up and I feel a lot calmer thankfully! Now Louie has a date with a hot chocolate and I have a a seating plan to arrange!

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